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Adsense SEO TIPS SEO URDU BOOK Software And Adsense Blackhat Edition

What Is Google Adsense

How To add OR Create Meta Tags In Blogspot

Tips For Creating Backlinks

How To Generate Traffic To Your Blogspot

Google Adsense
                            Google Adsense is one of the popular online earning program in the world i like so much google adsense because they are paying a lot..They are providing Free earning program at home.Google adsense in my way is basically provides adds to display in your web or blogspot or other.In Google Adsense  Basic thing is you need is web or blogspot.Blogspot is free program.So What You have  to do to join The Adsense program,first you need a blog or web with good content your own content,write any thing about any product,write an article, which you think you can write well.So After writing 5 10 minimum article [ you own article.Don't copy any article from other site] so after writing article go to and register account,Then post yout article in ur blogspot spot.
      So Now what you have to do to join adsense program To Go and click On Sign up process.New In Website Url Write your Website name or blogspot name their after that fill out the whole form in Account Type Select Individual and go on to fill all from wait few days the confirmation will come And You are Ready To Earn..

In Google Adsense  Two important Things Is Meta tags And Backlinks both Are Important specially backlinks because backlinks Increase your page rank..

How To add OR Create Meta Tags In Blogspot 

Meta Tags Is Important For Keyword And other descriptions.How to Create Meta tags in blogspot Just See This First Go To the your Dashboard Of ur blogpsot Then Click  on Design Then You Will See This 
Page Eelements  EDIT HTML Template Designer 

Click on EDIT HTML

Then You  Will See This line in the HTML CODE Search This Line
 <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
So You Find It So Now U Have Add This Line after This line
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
<meta content='DESCRIPTION HERE ' name='description'/>
<meta content='KEYWORDS HERE ' name='description'/>
<meta content='AUTHOR NAME ' name='author'/>
Description ur blog description
Keyword write ur blog Keyword
Author Write Your  name
Finished Now Ur Meta Tags Are Created U can Generate Meta Tags By Meta Tags generate Tool just Go The And Search Meta tag Generator You Find Lots Of site Of Meta Tags Generator..
If you wanna Check That u  set meta tags Write Or not Just Go to And write meta tags analyzer tool And check it ..

Tips For Creating Backlinks

1.Start Pay per advertising Google Adwords is bes For pay per advertising

2.Post your Comment to Other blopspot article or other things.

3.Do Article Marketing.

4.Post your Blogspot article Link To other Social directories .

How To Generate Traffic To Your Blogspot

1.Post Comments To other Blogspot

2.Tell Friends and other

3.Post Comments On Forum

4.Post Classifieds adds

5.Post Comments On Top Rank Websites

6.Pay par Advertising Is best

7.Publish Your Website name In bussiness Card And other Things


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